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Schär Focaccia Rosemary 200gr

Schär Focaccia Rosemary 200gr

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Take a bite of Dolce Vita
When the kitchen suddenly turns into an olive grove and the scent of wild rosemary rising up from the oven takes you back to your last holiday in Italy, a voice from far away calls out: “Amore! Dinner’s ready!”

Finest sunflower oil, sea salt, rosemary and sourdough conjure up Italy on your plate. The bread’s airy crumb melts in your mouth. Enjoy Schär’s Focaccia as a delicious appetiser with your Italian aperitivo – or as a main course, topped with whatever your Mediterranean heart may desire. And the only thought you’ll be capable of when taking a bite will be: Mamma mia, this is so yummy!

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